Our team at Nuzzles & Co. is committed to a world where every dog and cat has a loving home and we are dedicated to saving every life until Utah, and the entire United States, is no kill. That is our mission every single day.


Executive Director: Kathleen Weron
Chief Operating Officer: Lindsay Ortega
Chief Development Officer: Jenny Castro-Conde
Chief Marketing Officer: Beth Lopez
Medical Director: Dr. Emily Kirkpatrick
Director of Intake and Community Outreach: Darrell McCurtain
Rescue Ranch Manager: Paul Hansen
Adoption Center Manager: Arin Meade
Training Program and Dog Manager: Traci Madsen
Volunteer Program Manager: Lindsay Hansen

Board Members

President, Tamra Gray
Vice President, Wendy Lavitt
Treasurer, William T. McGann
Kelly Favero
Beth Lopez
Buffy Mayerstein

We are grateful for our organization’s leaders and for the countless volunteers and staff who work toward a loving, no-kill world each and every day, one rescue pet at a time.

Board of Directors