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We’re delighted that you’d like to get involved to help us reach our goal of happy, healthy, well-loved pets across Utah. Well, across the world, really, but we’ll start here. There are so many ways you can help, and every single volunteer hour, every single donated penny or bag of food, goes toward helping the animals that make earth a better place to live.


It’s simple—we wouldn’t be here without our volunteers. They are a fundamental part of the day-to-day operations here at Nuzzles&Co. And because volunteers are so integral to our operations and to the care of our animals, volunteering requires a serious commitment. View all the ins and outs of volunteering on our Volunteer page here.

See our Volunteer page for more detailed information.


Fostering is one of the kindest things you can do to help an animal. When you foster a dog or cat, you give them the chance to relax and get used to a home environment so that when they are ready, they can successfully integrate into a forever home. We’ll provide all the supplies you need (food, crates, instructions, medications), and you provide the important things—home, love, exercise for pets who need it, and nuzzles.

There are many reasons our cats, dogs, puppies, and kittens would need fostering. Some are too young to be adopted, some are shy or have been mistreated, some are recovering from surgery, and some are in need of socialization. Some are malnourished and need time to gain strength, and some are mothers with babies who are too young to be separated.

Your foster animal will stay with you until it’s ready to be adopted—usually about 10-14 days. Then it comes to our adoption center. Sometimes, if it doesn’t find a home right away, you can continue to care for it at night. Every situation is different, and we will work with you to make fostering as convenient for you as possible.

If you are interested in fostering, please fill out our foster form Foster Agreement. Then bring the form with you to our adoption center, where our staff will review your application and discuss all the next steps.


At Nuzzles & Co, we value any donation you can make. We have a whole team of vets and trained staff at work, and each penny goes toward spay/neuter costs, get-better surgeries, food, supplies, and the facilities and acres that keep our animals safe, warm, and happy.

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Wish List

Give the folks at our Rescue Ranch or Adoption Center a shout and see what they’re in need of most at the moment. It could range from pet food to bedding, toys, or bowls. These items may seem small but they mean a world of a difference for homeless pets in need of creature comforts.

Wish List

We like to say, "We believe rescuing goes both ways." We lend animals a helping hand, and they bring us happiness, fulfillment, and even health.

  • According to the American Heart Association, pet owners enjoy lower heart rates, increased physical activity, lower blood pressure, and lower obesity than non-pet-owners.
  • One NIH (National Institute of Health) study of adults who have suffered heart attacks found that dog owners were significantly more likely to still be alive, regardless of the severity of the attack.
  • Studies have shown that petting a purring cat calms your nerves, decreases cortisol stress hormones, lowers your blood pressure, and even helps promote healing.
  • In fact, a 20-year study showed that cat owners were 40% less likely to die of a heart attack.
  • According to a study by The Journal of Psychosomatic Research, the presence of pets during therapy sessions led to increased attention spans among children with ADHD.