Our Programs


We want to make a tremendous difference in the lives of pets and people, so our approach and our programs are both unconventional and innovative. Ultimately, it helps us inch closer and closer to the goal of a no-kill world where every homeless pet has the family he or she deserves.

Priming for Adoption

To help our animals get ready for their perfect match, we give them a little boost with our training and socialization program.

When we bring a new four-legged friend from a shelter, we first get them into their finest shape with a proper bath and de-bugging. Our in-house veterinarian then gives them a full medical evaluation, critical care, a spay/neuter procedure, vaccines, dental attention, and a microchip. Now they’re ready to start training for fur-ever.

Training our Canine Companions

Our professional trainer gives dogs a behavioral assessment and offers basic training and obedience training. Our dog-loving volunteers offer daily walks and exercise. The dogs are able to enjoy our 100-acre ranch, with plenty of room for stretching and long hikes. They even enjoy regular games of fetch and hijinks in our agility course.

Helping our Feline Friends

Our groundbreaking Cat Socialization program helps boost kitties’ adoptability by helping them de-stress, socialize, and enjoy companionship. Many of them have had a rough start in life and don’t know how to trust, how to play, or how to be held.

So, in 2012, Sharon Cantwell, one of our dedicated volunteers, created our Cat Socialization program with the goal of giving these kitties the TLC they needed. Under her leadership, a small group of volunteers spend 50 hours a month socializing the cats. Once they’re ready to interact with one another, the kitties start spending their days in a community cat room where they share sunny windowsills, toys, and ample scratching posts.

This program has helped us accelerate our cat adoption rates by drawing shy and traumatized felines out of their shells so they’re ready to raise a playful paw when they meet their future families.

Lend a Hand

How can you help our residents? Donating goods is one great way! We’re constantly in need of:

  • Dog/cat food
  • Bowls
  • Play equipment and toys
  • Kitty scratching posts and trees
  • Quarantine condos
  • Upgraded bedding

Friends with Benefits

While most of our pets are with us for just two to three weeks, sometimes a cat or dog may end up spending a longer time than average living at our Rescue Ranch. Some of these cats and dogs are older, or have special medical or behavior issues. We are just as committed to finding these cats and dogs loving homes, even if it takes longer. We provide loving care, socialization and training while they stay with us and we know that they, too, deserve a loving home—no matter how long it takes. That’s why we created the Friends with Benefits program – learn more about it HERE.

Petco Kitties

Purple Paw Program

A Program for Domestic Violence Survivors

Nuzzles & Co. partners with local domestic abuse shelters to house and care for the pets of domestic violence survivors. We provide a safe haven for these pets for as long as their people need us to.

Many domestic abuse shelters will not accept pets, which is a major deterrent for women seeking to escape abusive situations. They worry about what will happen to their pets if they leave.

The Purple Paw Program is responsible for protecting the pets who belong to abuse survivors who are unable to safely keep them while they are staying in a human shelter. Through our extensive network of foster families, Nuzzles & Co. provides a safe and loving environment for these displaced pets, while they await reuniting with their owners. We provide full medical attention, exercise, nutritious meals, and lots of extra love because these pets have been through a lot too. We arrange for the owners to safely visit their pets, during this time in which they are separated. We do not charge for the service we provide, and we keep these pets as long as the owner needs us to.

Once these women and their children are placed in safe housing, their pets are returned to them. The reassurance that their pets are safe and cared for during these difficult situations brings peace of mind to both the victim and the family.

Your donation to Nuzzles & Co. helps support programs like the Purple Paw program, bringing solace and support to victims of violence.

Rez Rescues

In 2016, we began our groundbreaking entry into Reservations. It started with the Navajo Nation – and now, we are going deeper as we’ve added the Ute Reservation too. Help us continue this lifesaving work – learn more HERE


If you consider yourself an animal person, we consider you an excellent volunteer candidate. Just give us a call and we’ll work out something that works for you. Our canines and kitties will thank you with purrs and tail-wags.

See our Volunteer page for more detailed information.

Our Rescue Ranch, Adoption Center, and special programs are made possible by generous donors and volunteers.

  • Each year, we place approximately 1,500 animals in their forever homes through the tireless efforts of our staff and volunteers.
  • We open our arms to special-needs and elderly animals, and we provide love and any specialized medical treatment needed.
  • Over the years, we've rescued over 15,000 animals and placed them in loving, happy homes.