Love Goes The Distance

Join us on the most incredible Reservation Rescue mission to the Navajo Nation. On this trip, we rescued the largest number of animals yet, thanks to our friends at Mark Miller Subaru. Mark Miller personally flew his plane so that we could rescue so many more, and give the animals their quickest journey ever, back to their new future homes in Utah. Typically the drive is 7.5 hours, but thanks to Mark Miller - the animals who flew back had only one hour of travel! We were thrilled to welcome them so quickly, to Nuzzles.

KSL Covers our Ute Reservation Visit

Watch us visit the Ute Reservation for the very first time. KSL was there to report on the first ever Spay and Neuter clinic that took place on the Reservation in January 2017.

Odessa’s Story

We rescued Odessa in June 2016 as part of our Navajo Nation rescue. She was abandoned and pregnant, with scarcely any food or water to survive. Soon she gave birth, but with no sustenance for herself or her babies, they quickly passed away, one by one. Over the coming months - her transformation was incredible! She blossomed quickly under our care, and soon met a remarkable family, who fell in love with her, the moment they met her. See her incredible journey, here.

Finding Home: Rescue at the Navajo Nation, Courtesy Salt Lake Tribune

Join us on our first journey to the Navajo Nation.

A Day in the Life at Nuzzles & Co.

Watch this video to experience the wonderful journey that awaits every Cat and Dog in the Nuzzles & Co. program. This is truly #wherelovewins

Our Journey to the Navajo Nation

On June 26th, 2016 Nuzzles & Co headed out on a journey to the Navajo Reservation to help rescue homeless cats and dogs. No one knows exactly how many homeless animals there are, but the estimates are in the tens of thousands. Due to a lack of resources and a lack of animal control officers, the shelters have extremely high-kill rates. Resources are limited and conditions are harsh. From dumpsters to cracks in the wall, we will search and save every life we can. And then we go back to save more.

Adoption Center Grand Re-Opening, Courtesy of Park City Television (PCTV)

Check out our transformation!

Chef Wars 2016 – Courtesy of PCTV

Watch this star-studded, heart-pounding, and mouth-watering Chef Wars video, courtesy of Park City TV (PCTV). It was the place to be for great food and competition - all for the benefit of the wonderful rescue pets of Nuzzles & Co. In front of a packed room of cheering supporters, our Celebrity judges and renowned Chefs, put on a show that kept everyone guessing as to who would be the winner! Our judges included: Actress and animal advocate Katherine Heigl, Executive Producer Nancy Heigl, and cityhomeCOLLECTIVE founder Cody Derrick. Who won? Well watch this terrific video from the live event - and you'll find out!

UberKittens, Courtesy of Salt Lake Tribune

Our first UberKittens was a huge success! For four hours solid, a playful crew of Nuzzles kittens adventured around Salt Lake (under the watchful care of Nuzzles staff, of course) delivering love and happiness to students, office workers, families at the Ronald McDonald House, and private citizens in need of a good purr.

Nuzzles & Co. Debut Video

And now we present, the video that started the Nuzzles revolution!