Fly Free Annual Celebration

On July 30th, Nuzzles and Co. invited all of our adopters, supporters, and fellow pet lovers to the FLY FREE pet memorial celebration. Set on 100 acres of private wilderness in Peoa, Utah, we came together to remember and honor our beloved pets who have passed. Each participant received a blank prayer flag in honor of a lost pet. together we decorated them with messages of love and hope. Then we painted paint stones, that we scattered through our memorial. Finally we tied our flags together and hung them from the trees. Our wishes for compassion, peace and healing dissolved into the wind, to be carried around the earth.

Joining us in the celebration was the legendary local Blue Grass band Ophir Creek, and we had a BBQ feast, followed with dancing and smiles!  It was wonderful to see so many families and four-leggeds join us, for walks on our off-leash trails, and the gorgeous vistas.  It was a beautiful day filled with love, memories, and gratitude for the pets who have been part of our journey.