Field Trips

Field Trips

Our dogs love to get out and it’s a great way for you to see how a dog might fit into your lifestyle. Or – you may just want to do a nice thing for a dog who would love an outing with you! Even if you’re just visiting, you can take one of our dogs on a field trip with you. Most of our dogs are available for all kinds of outings. You can take one of our dogs for a hike, a long run, to get a snack or Pupaccino at Starbucks, or swimming at the Dog Dive. Outings can last an hour or a full day–it’s up to you. And it’s simple to do. Here’s all you need to do:

1.  Decide on what you’d like to do for your field trip.

2.  Call the Ranch (435) 608-1424 and tell them you want to take a dog on a field trip. Our knowledgeable staff will let you know who’s available for what you’d like to do and make arrangements for you to pick them up.

3. Simply fill out this form and then show up at the designated place at the designated time. Pick up your dog buddy and have fun!  Nuzzles & Co Outing and Sleepover Policy and Agreement

Whether you’re in town missing your dog, or just want to help out a friend who needs a change of scenery, give us a call and set up your field trip today.