Friends with Benefits

Nuzzles & Co. is a rescue that provides medical care, safe housing and tender loving care to homeless cats and dogs who we rescue all across the state of Utah and the two Native American Reservations located in Utah. We are a no-kill rescue. That means that we do not euthanize animals for medical reasons and no one has a due out by date, or a time limit. We are committed to every animal we rescue in our goal of finding them a loving home. Most of our dogs find homes within two weeks of rescue and our cats find homes within three weeks of rescue.

But, sometimes a cat or dog may end up spending a longer time than average living at our Rescue Ranch. Sometimes these cats and dogs are older, or have special medical or behavior issues. We are just as committed to finding these cats and dogs loving homes, even if it takes longer. We provide loving care, socialization and training while they stay with us and we know that they, too, deserve a loving home—no matter how long it takes.

Cats and dogs that have been with us nine months or longer enter our Friends with Benefits Program to help encourage potential adopters to take a closer look at these special animals in need of love. Dogs and Cats in our Friends with Benefits program have a bundle of benefits that accompany their adoption.

To begin with, their adoption fee is just $25 and includes their spay/neuter surgery, current vaccinations and a microchip registered to their new family. In addition, each Friend with Benefits has special perks, such as one year of free medical care, free grooming, monthly training and socialization sessions with our trainers, free boarding. And some of our very special Friends come with lifetime benefits.

Learn more about each of our Friends in our Friends with Benefits Program and find out the special perks that accompany their adoption. Come visit us at the Ranch or give us a call so that we can introduce you to these incredibly special pets – (435) 608-1424.

Here are our current Friends with Benefits Members:

Fern Flick Hova Martha Monserrat

Home Page photo – Astro

Top Left, Fern, Flick

Center Left to Right, Hova and Martha

Lower Left, Monserrat