A Program for Domestic Violence Survivors

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In 2012, Nuzzles & Co. embarked on one of our most ambitious programs yet. Emily Scott Pottruck, a longtime donor, shared a story with us about a friend who was in an abusive relationship. She was unable to leave her abuser because of her concern for the safety of her pet, which she couldn’t take with her. She called many shelters and none were willing to hold her pet and care for him while she sought refuge and new living arrangements. Emily asked us if Nuzzles & Co. would provide this much-needed resource for abuse survivors; specifically, a place where survivors could leave their pets while they sought safe refuge and permanent housing solutions. From this discussion, and Emily Scott Pottruck’s initial generous funding, Nuzzles & Co. began the Purple Paw Program.

Purple Paw has fostered/housed and cared for more than 191 family pets, and we have assisted over 96 survivors to safely leave their abusers without fear of retaliation towards their pets.

The program has expanded and continues to improve to better reach and serve people in need throughout Utah.  We partner with Domestic Violence Shelters, Law Enforcement, Social Workers, Therapist and any organization or agency that assists Domestic Violence survivors.

All our services are free. That includes the pet’s veterinary care, boarding and training. Our dedicated staff and volunteers rehabilitate the pets – both physically and emotionally, since many have been abused as well. On average, pets stay with us over 2-1/2 months and some stay as long as 6 months.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Purple Paw saves lives. Without our program, some victims would hesitate or refuse to leave the abusive home and would thereby expose themselves and their children to further violence  – possibly even death. The sooner children are removed from witnessing violence, the sooner they can be rehabilitated.  Purple Paw helps stop The Cycle of Violence. Please help us save lives of more people and pets by donating much-needed funding to help us help so many more.

Watch this video to learn more about the life changing work that we do for the community.


Purple Paw Program