“Miracle” cat, lost and feared dead, crosses mountains to find family

Talk about a story with a happy ending! We at Nuzzles received a call from one of our longtime volunteers, who had a sweet kitty show up on her doorstep, in freezing temperatures. She fell instantly in love with this cat, but her husband said “no more cats!” – so she called us, asking “what should I do?”  We asked her if she would be willing take this kitty to a local vet, where he could be scanned for a microchip and she said “Of course – I’ll do that right away!”

A few hours later, we received a call from Dr. Prior at Park City Animal Clinic, who was STUNNED and told us that he did indeed have a microchip. He called the owners who lived about an hour away from Park City… and discovered that Mittens had been missing for four months! Given the condition he was in, it was pretty obvious that Mittens had walked for four months from Downtown SLC, where he’d been accidentally transported in the owner’s boat, over the summit and all the way to Park City – which was the right direction back home.

We marvel and the ingenuity and sheer survival skills of this amazing cat, and it is thanks to the wonder of microchips, that he is home safe.